Creative Direction for Brand Campaigns

Firebox Valentines Day

Having joined the creative team at Firebox in November, CC Morgan has lead the creative direction for three campaigns. For Valentines Day, she created the first 'full homepage takeover', harmonising classic 1980s arcade gaming with modern dating culture. CC re-invented what a 'love game' would really look like: a world of sci-fi textures, iconic gaming characters, pink neon lights and sparkly gins.

firebox_valentines_coloured lighting gels neon arcade 80s campaign

National Unicorn Day

For 'National Unicorn Day' Firebox ran a unicorn product-related promotional sale across the site. To promote this, CC Morgan created a simple 'ethereal, heavenly unicorn scene', with assets pushed on social and via newletter.

national unicorn day advert
unicorn day homepage banner

Halloween 2018


Easter 2017 Campaign

To celebrate the exclusive release of white chocolate dinosaur eggs, CC pushed to launch a prehistoric-themed campaign for Easter. By developing the narrative of dinosaurs taking the limelight from the bunnies and chicks, CC was able to transform a quintessential dull Easter experience and turn it on its head.  

easter firebox.jpg

Summer Cocktails

CC curated a spectrum of cocktails utilising Firebox’s ever expanding Mythical Tears range. By focusing on the flavour and colour palette of the respected spirits, CC launched a front page takeover showcasing these vivid creations.

unicorntears_summer cocktails feature

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