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Growing up in the nineties, something CC associates with childhood are princesses. On the whole, most princesses are two dimensional characters with very little development... But perhaps that's why we love them? Their innocence and ability to sing their way through adventures (always with a happy ending) is endearing from beginning till end, and probably always will be.

She began to imagine a different world... A world where princesses were not in a magical fairytale land, but instead, resided in the modern world... Without the comfort and reassurances of a kind Disney animal side-kick or a determined Prince to save the day, perhaps Sleeping Beauty would be a homeless drug addict? Jasmine, a social-media obsessed Kardashian-wannabe? Snow White, a compulsive, yet manic depressive? 

CC conducted all photography, art direction and production. Get in contact for photobook prices.



“Princess” Jasmine, the social media obsessed heiress spends her days texting princes and yearning for genuine connections in the outside world. She lives vicariously through her phone, trapped by her controlling father in pink penthouses painted in gold. Despite having everything money can buy, she longs for the one thing so many others take for granted: independence.


Sleeping Beauty

After falling for a false prince’s promises, Aurora finds herself alone and without a pillow to rest on, in a foreign land. Having lived a life of luxury, this unfamiliar city proves harrowing for Aurora.


Disney Inspired Fashion Editorial London